Elementary Aged Classes

2021-2022 School Year:

For the upcoming school year our elementary students will be grouped in to 4 rotating classes: worker (6-7 yrs), carpenter (7-8 yrs), mason (8-9 yrs) bees, and dawson bees (10+) These classes will rotate through the classes listed below. Descriptions will be updated in March.

  • Survival Skills:
  • Gardening:
    • In gardening class students will take a multi-sensory approach to learn more about gardening techniques, life cycles of plants, sustainability and  how to bring farm to table. We will read some quality picture books, dig in some dirt, craft and create, and maybe even squeeze in some math throughout this 15 week class. 
  • Literature Arts
  • PE

2019-2020 classes

Our Elementary classes range in the age of K-4th grade. These groups rotate through 3 different classes throughout the morning. They combine for certain classes and separate for others to help with class size. Teachers help immerse them in their subjects through fun, hands-on activities. Here are the classes we are offering the first half of the year, in addition to a combined PE block…

Simple Machines:
Students will work their way through the simple machines learning about how that work and help make our lives easier. After an overview of each machine, students will complete a variety of hands-on activities and experiments to put their new knowledge into action.

Art of Stories:
Students will be exposed to great literature and a variety of illustration styles. Their attention will be drawn to artistic detail and types of stories. Students will utilize hands-on prompts to tell their own stories to the teachers, who will dictate their stories in a shared word document. Each student will select one story to develop fully and complete over the semester. Editing will be gently introduced by peers and teachers. Students will construct their own physical books to be filled with completed illustrations and printed story.

In drama class students will be introduced to various concepts relating to live theatrical performance. From stage directions to vocal techniques students will build their stage presence each week. The semester will culminate with a short group performance.

Kitchen Science:
Students will sharpen their skills in the kitchen each week by completing recipes that relate to various scientific topics. Experiments include making salsa and exploring why onions make us cry, to different types of mixtures and chemical changes in cooking.