Elementary Aged Classes

befunky-collage1Our Upper and Lower Elementary classes range in the age of K-3rd grad. These groups rotate through 3 different classes throughout the morning. They combine for certain classes and separate for others to help with class size. Teachers help immerse them in their subjects through fun, hands-on activities. Here are the classes we are offering the first half of the year…

Fall Semester 2018

TN History:
We will go through a time line of history in Tennessee starting with the first people and going to the modern age. Students will take away a general idea of what events and forces shaped Tennessee, with a focus on the people that lived here during each time period then and the lives they might have led.

Nature Study:
“The question is not, — how much does the youth know? when he has finished his education — but how much does he care? ” -Charlotte Mason. The aim of the Nature Study course is to foster wonder and awe for God’s natural world. We will practice our observation skills through weekly nature journaling, engage with a wide variety of nature topics through hands-on presentations, and delight in poetry about God’s creation.

Exploring Outer Space:
This class will help our students gain a better understanding of the universe that God made for us. To help them see God’s powerful nature as they study the planets and stars. The end of the semester will conclude with the classes making models of the planets.


Spring Semester 2019

In this class students will explore a variety of public speaking opportunities culminating in an end of the year program!

Paper Sloyd:
Using “Paper Sloyd for Primary Grades” by Ednah Anne Rich, students will create paper handicrafts of increasing difficulty with guided instruction. They will practice the skills needed to measure, draw, and cut with precision and be given opportunities for creativity in personalizing their creations and sharing them with others. These skills will be a precursor to more complex handicrafts, such as woodworking or sewing, in the future.

After gaining a better understanding of their universe, the students will use their new found knowledge to explore our atmosphere here on earth.  Through hands on experiments and interactive journals, students will learn all about weather and how it happens.